The Longest Five Minutes

PSV《世界第一漫长的5分钟》中文奖杯列表 美版  英文 

白1 金2 银2 铜50 总55 点数1170 0人玩过 

The Longest Five Minutes

白1 金2 银2 铜50 总55

#1 Many Memories (好多回忆)

Obtain all trophies

#2 Happily Ever After (从此以后幸福快乐)

Watch Haru live/Fuzz live Ending

#3 Goddess's Hero (女神的英雄)

Watch Haru die/Fuzz live Ending

#4 4 minutes 44 seconds (4分44秒)

Watch Haru live/Fuzz die Ending

#5 Album Complete (相册完成)

Complete all memories

#6 The Magic Scholar (魔法学者)

RPG Lv. 5 Greet Chloe before departing.

#7 Item Store Boy (储物男孩)

RPG Lv. 5 Greet Yanagi before departing.

#8 The Cowardly Ninja

RPG Lv. 5 Greet Kogure before departing.

#9 My First Adventure

RPG Lv. 7 Travel through the moss-covered cave.

#10 Troublesome Spear

RPG Lv. 7 Resolve the soldiers' argument.

#11 Forgotten Sweets

RPG Lv. 7 Deliver something for the forgetful maid.

#12 Cross the Sea

RPG Lv. 13 Cross the sea to reach Gastonbury.

#13 Deliveries Are Hard

RPG Lv. 13 Deliver lunch to the sailors at the port.

#14 Rich Man's Hobby

RPG Lv. 13 Listen to the rich man's request.

#15 So Hot!

RPG Lv. 20 Go all the way through the Gates of Hell.

#16 I Love Drills

RPG Lv. 20 Get the worker a better drill.

#17 All The Small Things

RPG Lv. 20 Look for the bunny girl's earring.

#18 What A View

RPG Lv. 26 Handle the problem at Galactica Tower.

#19 Pro Shot

RPG Lv. 26 Obtain a high score at Naraca's Inn.

#20 Birthday Suit

RPG Lv. 26 Help the man in the dressing room.

#21 End the Quest

RPG Lv. 28 Arrive at Gastonbury.

#22 Gambling Addiction

RPG Lv. 28 Get five 7s on the slot machine.

#23 Courageous Lost Boy

RPG Lv. 28 Reunite the lost boy and his mother.

#24 The Whole Story

RPG Lv. 30 Report to the King.

#25 Escape Artist

RPG Lv. 34 Escape the prison.

#26 Perfect Crash

RPG Lv. 34 Destroy all of the statues.

#27 Stardust

RPG Lv. 37 Leave Stardust Island.

#28 A Supportive Heart

RPG Lv. 37 Give the amulet to the dirty-looking man.

#29 Over the Rainbow

RPG Lv. 39 Cross the bridge.

#30 View from the Top

RPG Lv. 43 Reach the summit of the mountain.

#31 Modest Old Tale

RPG Lv. 43 Find the woman living on Mount Kuuretsu.

#32 Fan Service!

RPG Lv. 43 Give Agliana's autograph to the soldier.

#33 Life on Wavering Water

RPG Lv. 47 Arrive at Tenmagahara.

#34 Love Therapist

RPG Lv. 47 Listen to the boy's love troubles.

#35 Heavenly Sanctuary

RPG Lv. 52 Arrive at the Goddess's Sanctuary.

#36 Light Pierces Dark

RPG Lv. 68 Pass through the Fog-infested corridor.

#37 Entrusted to You

RPG Lv. 62 Grant Chloe's grandmother her final wish.

#38 Kojiro, Grounded

RPG Lv. 62 Help the fisherman with his problem.

#39 Quiz Master

RPG Lv. 62 Complete step one of Fancy Man's quiz.

#40 Scarlet Medicine

RPG Lv. 64 Obtain Scarlet Shells from the beach.

#41 Zenigata

RPG Lv. 64 Capture the escaped prisoner.

#42 Quiz King

RPG Lv. 64 Complete step two of Fancy Man's quiz.

#43 Dark Investigators

RPG Lv. 66 Investigate the mysterious tower.

#44 Unknown King

RPG Lv. 66 Obey the "King"'s orders.

#45 Quiz God

RPG Lv. 66 Complete step three of Fancy Man's quiz.

#46 Daydream Believer

RPG Lv. 57 Remember all that happened at the park.

#47 Quick Reflexes

RPG Lv. 57 Get a high score at the attraction.

#48 Acceptance Letter

RPG Lv. 4 Pass the Hero Selection Exam.

#49 Villagers' Wound

RPG Lv. 3 Remember what happened five years ago.

#50 I'll Be Back

RPG Lv. 59 Help Flash stand back up.

#51 Voice of Reason

RPG Lv. 23 Don't peek into the women's bath.

#52 Wash Yourself

RPG Lv. 23 Regent learns an important lesson.

#53 Ripped Page

RPG Lv. 29 Find Samir Esope's diary.

#54 Legendary Angel

RPG Lv. 29 Go shopping with Clover.

#55 Rich Man, Poor Man

RPG Lv. 29 Find a place to stay for the night.