Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

PSVPS4《极限脱出 九人游戏》中文奖杯列表 美版  英文 

白1 金3 银18 铜16 总38 点数1230 201人玩过 容易  45.77%完美


完成度 8/38
9月26日首个杯 10月5日最后杯 9.3天总耗时

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

白1 金3 银18 铜16 总38

#1 You Found It 2 Tips

Gained all trophies.
24.30% 珍贵

#2 Don't Forget Your Towel

Finished all scenarios in 999.
47.00% 珍贵

#3 Chance of Loss is Not Zero 2 Tips

Saw the Zero Lost ending in 999.
50.30% 一般

#4 We All Die By a Yellow Submarine

Saw the Submarine ending in 999.
51.20% 一般

#5 Cut and Run

Saw the Knife ending in 999.
50.70% 一般

#6 Let Me Ax You a Question

Saw the Ax ending in 999.
49.30% 珍贵

#7 A Sixth Sense of What's Coming

Saw all previews in 999.
47.80% 珍贵

#8 Seek a Way Out Again

Gained all Memories of Escape in 999.
42.40% 珍贵

#9 Is That Your Final Answer? 1 Tips

Solved the final question in 999.
47.10% 珍贵

#10 Master of Escapology

Escaped from eight rooms in VLR.
34.70% 珍贵

#11 Doctor of Escapology

Escaped from sixteen rooms in VLR.
32.00% 珍贵

#12 Escapey

Escaped on Hard difficulty in VLR.
48.70% 珍贵

#13 Escapest

Escaped everything on Hard difficulty in VLR.
31.00% 珍贵

#14 Redacted

Found ALL the secrets in VLR!
28.20% 珍贵

#15 A Consumate Collection

Found ALL the files in VLR!
27.80% 珍贵

#16 To Each According to His Needle

Opened the first lock in VLR.
33.10% 珍贵

#17 I Can't Believe It's Not Murder!

Opened the second lock in VLR.
33.60% 珍贵

#18 Gotta Hand It To You

Opened the third lock in VLR.
32.40% 珍贵

#19 If I Told You You Had A Nice Antibody...

Opened the fourth lock in VLR.
33.10% 珍贵

#20 He Was Convicted of a String of Numbers

Opened the fifth lock in VLR.
32.80% 珍贵

#21 No Lying Down On the Job

Opened the sixth lock in VLR.
33.30% 珍贵

#22 Who Set Up Us The Bomb, Part 1

Opened the seventh lock in VLR.
32.50% 珍贵

#23 Why'd You Do That, You Dumas!

Opened the eighth lock in VLR.
33.90% 珍贵

#24 Who Set Up Us The Bomb, Part A

Opened the ninth lock in VLR.
32.50% 珍贵

#25 Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb

Opened the tenth lock in VLR.
32.30% 珍贵

#26 Every Ending Begins Somewhere

Saw any of the endings in VLR.
38.20% 珍贵

#27 Tears in the Rain

Saw Luna's ending in VLR.
33.00% 珍贵

#28 Through the Looking Glass

Saw K's ending in VLR.
33.10% 珍贵

#29 Behind Blue Eyes

Saw Dio's ending in VLR.
34.60% 珍贵

#30 In Root Beer Veritas

Saw Tenmyouji's ending in VLR.
33.40% 珍贵

#31 An Equal and Opposite Reaction

Saw Quark's ending in VLR.
32.40% 珍贵

#32 Secret Agent Woman

Saw Clover's ending in VLR.
34.20% 珍贵

#33 Best Served Cold

Saw Alice's ending in VLR.
32.80% 珍贵

#34 Arms Race

Saw Sigma's ending in VLR.
32.50% 珍贵

#35 Time After Time

Saw Phi's ending in VLR.
32.00% 珍贵

#36 Fire and Ice

Saw the end. Or maybe the beginning?
32.00% 珍贵

#37 A Certain Point of View 2 Tips

Caught a glimpse of another time.
29.60% 珍贵

#38 That Wasn't Supposed to Happen

Saw any of the bad endings.
37.80% 珍贵