Main Trophy Set

PS4《Main Trophy Set》中文奖杯列表

白1 金2 银9 铜39 总51 点数1215 0人玩过 

Main Trophy Set

白1 金2 银9 铜39 总51

#1 The trophy hunter

Get all trophies

#2 Schooled

Complete all basic training challenges

#3 Graduate

Complete all advanced training challenges

#4 Level up!

Level up once

#5 Level 25

Reach level 25

#6 Level 50

Reach level 50

#7 On a Roll

Receive a total of 5 match highlights

#8 Singled Out

Receive a total of 50 match highlights

#9 In the Spotlight

Receive a total of 150 match highlights

#10 Jack of all Trades

Receive a match highlight in every category

#11 Most Valuable Pinball

Receive the MVP highlight at the end of an Online Quick Match

#12 MVP 20

Receive a total of 20 MVP highlights

#13 MVP 50

Receive a total of 50 MVP highlights

#14 25 Wins (赢得25场线上比赛)

Win 25 online matches

#15 75 Wins (赢得75场线上比赛)

Win 75 online matches

#16 150 Wins (赢得150场线上比赛)

Win 150 online matches

#17 Streak

Win 5 Quick Matches without losing

#18 #funwithballs

Finish a match with 15 different base pinballs

#19 Elimination

Eliminate another player

#20 Doubling up

Eliminate two opponents in a Quick Match with a single ability use

#21 The Triple

Eliminate three opponents in a Quick Match with a single ability use

#22 From Down Town

Using the Slam, eliminate an opponent from a long distance

#23 Sharp Shot

Destroy a player in the air

#24 Jackpot

Steal over 5,000 points in an Online Quick Match with a single ability use

#25 Collecting Interest

Steal back your points before your eliminator can score them

#26 Unstoppable

Without dying; surpass a 150 combo, accumulate at least 12.500 points, and score in an Online Quick Match

#27 Shocker

Eliminate a player Shocked by a teammate

#28 Tilted

Be involved in a complete elimination of the opposing team

#29 Destroyer

Eliminate 10 players in a single Quick Match

#30 Wrecking Ball

Eliminate a total of 300 pinballs

#31 Denied

Eliminate an opposing player just before they score

#32 Buzzer Beater

Score over 5,000 points in the last 2 seconds of a match

#33 In Control

Control at least 75% of all bumpers at the end of a match

#34 Playmaker

Score at least 20,000 points in a single match

#35 Bumper hopper

Capture 5 unique bumpers without abilities or touching the floor

#36 Airtime

Capture 15 unique bumpers without touching the floor

#37 Dashing Through

Dash through 5 hoops within 4 seconds

#38 Jumping Through Hoops

Capture 15 hoops within 20 seconds

#39 All Mine

Capture 10,000 bumpers

#40 Super Ball

Capture 50,000 bumpers with abilities

#41 Spin to Win

Use the Spin Ability to rotate your ball 100,000 times

#42 Hard to Get

Dash to avoid being eliminated

#43 Blink and I'm Gone

Dodge 5 eliminations by blinking

#44 Decked out

Open 25 loot balls

#45 Shiny

Unlock a legendary customisation item

#46 Challenger

Complete 10 challenges

#47 Done and Dusted

Complete all challenges

#48 Going for Gold

Complete 15 challenges with gold or higher

#49 Gold Rush

Complete all challenges with gold or higher

#50 Developer Certified

Defeat a Dev Score in challenge mode

#51 Wizard

Defeat 15 Dev Scores in challenge mode