白1 金5 银15 铜8 总29 点数1200 0人玩过 


白1 金5 银15 铜8 总29

#1 Omega

Collect all other trophies for 20XX.

#2 Might

Complete the game with High Tide, Marathon, Wrath, Undying, and Destiny active.

#3 Fervor

Complete the game with Wrath, Undying, Furor, and Swarm active.

#4 Brittle Battle

Complete the game with Wrath, Famine, Marathon, and Toxin active.

#5 Fox Only

Complete the game with Final Destination active.

#6 Perfect Storm

With the High Tide Skull on, complete the game without taking any maximum health increases.

#7 Vanilla

Complete the game with the starting Primary and no Powers.

#8 Contender

Complete a Daily Hardcore Challenge.

#9 Armored Core

Complete the game with 1 maximum HP or less.

#10 Lab Rat

Complete the game with at least 3 Prototype Augs and no System Restore.

#11 Ancestor Worship

Complete the game with Rock and Purist active.

#12 Journey

Complete the game with Marathon, Famine, and Bankruptcy active.

#13 Thunder Follows

Complete the game within 28 minutes.

#14 Quadrakill

On Level 8, defeat all four Rollsters within three seconds of each other.

#15 Overgrowth

On Level 8, defeat Death Lotus with all spawn points occupied.

#16 Hard Hat Zone

On Level 8, defeat both Astrals with falling platforms.

#17 Dr. Device

On Level 8, defeat 50 Flapps and Eternal Star within two seconds using Force Nova.

#18 Move Like They Do

On Level 8, survive for 60 seconds without taking damage during The Perforator fight.

#19 Provoke

On Level 8, defeat Vile Visage by breaking his horn, then only using basic attacks.

#20 Heavy Metal

On Level 8, defeat Kur with one steady stream of Vera bullets.

#21 Not Cool

On Level 8, defeat Shatterbeak without allowing him to use any abilities.

#22 Payday

Complete level 4.

#23 Long Weekend

Complete level 8.

#24 Survivor

Complete the game.

#25 The Cycle

Deliver a boss' killing blow with its weakness.

#26 Sorry To Jet

Complete a Rush Job.

#27 Get Equipped

Complete a Core set.

#28 Challenger

Complete a Daily Challenge.

#29 Honor and Glory

Complete the game, succeeding every Glory Zone.