白1 金7 银11 铜2 总21 点数1170 0人玩过 


白1 金7 银11 铜2 总21

#1 Master of the Universe

Unlock all trophies

#2 Buzzkill

Kill 1000 Spinbots

#3 Welcome to the Resistance

Complete your first mission

#4 Gunshow

Craft a gun with DPS of over 100

#5 Splashpark

Kill 5 mobs in one shot

#6 Not a Scratch

Complete mission without taking any damage

#7 Ain't Got Time to Bleed

Complete a mission without killing anything except the boss

#8 Do Ya, Punk?

Complete a mission wihtout missing a single shot

#9 Building Character

Survive 30 challenge rooms

#10 Hoppy Froggy

Get 40 jump power ups in a single run

#11 The Tower of Guns

Build a gun that uses over 20 parts at once

#12 I Too Like to Live Dangerously

Take 4 diceroll rooms in a single mission

#13 A Bit More Shooting

Fire 65535 shots

#14 Thumbs Up!

Die from lava damage after killing a boss

#15 Let's Get Physical

Complete nightmare mission without equipping any gun

#16 Nice Work!

Complete the campaign

#17 Welcome to Fight Club

Finish 1000 enemies using your fist

#18 Craftsman

Add part to a gun 1000 times

#19 Tank

Equip 10 armor upgrades

#20 Right There!

Find 15 secrets in a single mission

#21 Just a Beginning

Reach room 20 in Endless