Chicken Range Trophies

PSVPS4《Chicken Range Trophies》中文奖杯列表

白0 金1 银1 铜13 总15 点数315 0人玩过 

Chicken Range Trophies

白0 金1 银1 铜13 总15

#1 This is getting eggciting

Score 1 or more Eggs in Level 1

#2 Eggcellent

Complete all 15 Levels with 3 eggs

#3 An Eggspert shooter

Achieve an accuracy of 95% or more (min 10 shots)

#4 Are you yolking?

Achieve an accuracy of 10% or less (min 10 shots)

#5 Eggstraterrestrial

Kill an enemy with the Alien Ray Gun

#6 Fried or scrambled?

Kill an enemy with the Flame Thrower

#7 Eggceptional shooting

Kill 200 basic enemies

#8 The Poacher

Kill 150 police enemies

#9 Scramble the Riot Police!

Kill 100 riot enemies

#10 Eggsterminate!

Kill 75 robot enemies

#11 Beat it Ninjas!

Kill 50 ninja enemies

#12 Cracking Work!

Kill 50 rocket enemies

#13 That's all yolks!

Kill 50 helicopter enemies

#14 Go to shell Tanks!

Kill 20 tank enemies

#15 Eggsplosive!

Kill 20 bunker enemies