Desert Child

PS4《Desert Child》中文奖杯列表

白1 金8 银5 铜10 总24 点数1200 0人玩过 

Desert Child

白1 金8 银5 铜10 总24

#1 You win at running, football, arson, weddings, and art! You’ll even win at irony! Top score.

You did all the things.

#2 Hello, this is Pablo

Achieve max notoriety, the rank of Pablo Escobar.

#3 1991

Collect all secret tapes.

#4 Bean Machine

Eat all the bean types.

#5 The stones on this guy

Attempt to race with over 75% damage and hunger

#6 Vicious

Fend off the police without being shot.

#7 Do you reckon Metro's is this good every week?

Have a bad trip. Race on 4 stacks of strange beans.

#8 Tony Jones

Buy every newspaper.

#9 The Martian is a bad movie

Survive a full month on Mars.

#10 Root Vegetables

Beat the game.

#11 Old

Have over $9000.

#12 Moriyama-san

Complete your record collection.

#13 Aquaman talks to water, not fish

Buy fish from the fishermen.

#14 C.R.E.A.M.

Phone mom for a loan.

#15 Good morning video games

Start a new game plus.

#16 Two baboons at once

Destroy two enemies at the same time.

#17 Mr. Bean

Eat 5 bean types.

#18 Nice

Have 69% hunger.

#19 Well...this is low

Successfully rob a bike on the street.

#20 Smarter than smoking

Never buy cigarettes.

#21 I'm the Lebanese Rambo!

Eat a snack pack without throwing up.

#22 This is real fun

Chill for over an hour.

#23 The absolute madman

Equip more than 30 power cells to a bike.

#24 World's Fastest Pizza

Take a pizza delivery job.