A Night in the Forum VR

PS4《A Night in the Forum VR》中文奖杯列表

白0 金1 银7 铜1 总9 点数315 6人玩过 神作  100%完美

A Night in the Forum VR

白0 金1 银7 铜1 总9

#1 Tablets

Organise the wax tablets in the Eastern Archive
65.80% 一般

#2 Temple

Inspect the Temple of Mars and lock its door
55.00% 一般

#3 Clean

Clean the ashes near the altar in the Main Square
50.70% 一般

#4 Colossus

Light the fires inside the Hall of the Colossus
51.90% 一般

#5 Tribunal

Rearrange the furniture in the Urban Tribunal
51.60% 一般

#6 Pallium

Search for Senator’s pallium in the Eastern Tribunal
45.70% 珍贵

#7 Scaffold

Check work in scaffolded area and collect any tools left behind
51.30% 一般

#8 Tidy

Collect any items left in the Main Square
52.40% 一般

#9 You Had A Night In The Forum!

Complete all your tasks and return to the modern day
40.40% 珍贵