Planescape: Torment

PS4《Planescape: Torment》中文奖杯列表

白1 金1 银12 铜37 总51 点数1185 1人玩过 

Planescape: Torment

白1 金1 银12 铜37 总51

#1 Transcendent

Get every trophy

#2 Call of the Blade

Switch back to Fighter class over the course of the game.

#3 Call of the Art

Train to become a Mage.

#4 Call of the Shadows

Train to become a Thief.

#5 Master of Blades

Reach level 12 in Fighter class before any other class.

#6 Master of the Art

Reach level 12 in Mage class before any other class.

#7 One-With-Shadows

Reach level 12 in Thief class before any other class.

#8 ...yourself in your full glory

Advance an attribute score to 25.

#9 Chaos Bringer

Reach Chaotic Alignment (any).

#10 Deva's Heart

Reach Lawful Alignment (any).

#11 Noble Spirit

Reach Good Alignment (any).

#12 Dark Intent

Reach Evil Alignment (any).

#13 Balance in All Things

Maintained True Neutral Alignment until the end of the game.

#14 Lady's Gaze

Drew the Lady's Gaze and got mazed.

#15 Cagebreaker

Escaped the Lady's Maze - this time.

#16 All too Real

Gave birth to Adahn through belief.

#17 Creative Die-Rector

Defeated the Modron Wizard.

#18 Anarch Agenda

Join Anarchists.

#19 The True Death

Join Dustmen.

#20 Society of Sensation

Join Sensates.

#21 N'joi Ts'Cai'Sotex

Join Xaositects.

#22 Friends, Indeed

Rescued Morte.

#23 Annah, Rose of my Eye

Gained Annah as a companion.

#24 Priestess of no Goddess

Gained Fall-From-Grace as a companion.

#25 Through Justice, Perfection

Gained Vhailor as a companion.

#26 Endure. In enduring, grow strong.

Gained Dak'kon as a companion.

#27 The Sssmoldering Corpssse

Gained Ignus as a companion.

#28 Backwards Modron

Gained Nordom as a companion.

#29 Trust the Skull

Discovered the truth of why Morte is with you.

#30 What the Flames Teach

Discovered your connection to Ignus.

#31 No Longer = Total Logic

Helped Nordom resolve his issues.

#32 Enchained Blade

Advanced Dak'kon's karach blade to highest neutral point.

#33 Kin-Stealer

Advanced Dak'kon's karach blade to highest evil point.

#34 Streaming Blade

Advanced Dak'kon's karach blade to highest honor point.

#35 Two Deaths As One

Issued Pronouncement of Two Deaths of One at Fortress of Regrets.

#36 Shattered Circle

Discovered why Dak'kon's faith is shattered.

#37 Closing the Circle

Restored Dak'kon's faith.

#38 Mortuary Gate

Escaped the Mortuary.

#39 Unity of Rings

Returned to Mebbeth and restored Unity of Rings.

#40 Unraveling

Dealt with Ravel Puzzlewell.

#41 Branchings

Met all of Ravel's branching incarnations in Sigil.

#42 Crossing Over

Shifted Curst back to the Outlands.

#43 Strength in Betrayal

Dealt with Trias the Betrayer.

#44 Ol' Stuttercrutch's Horde

Found Pharod's Vault. It smells in there.

#45 The Bronze Sphere

Recovered the Bronze Sphere.

#46 The Named One

Your name, at last.

#47 Nameless ONE

Entered the Fortress of Regrets on your own.

#48 Deincarnation

Kill all 3 incarnations in Fortress of Regrets.

#49 Triincarnation

Absorb all 3 incarnations in the Fortress of Regrets.

#50 Parting Sorrows

Defeated your adversary.

#51 To Every Question, An Answer

Gave the Transcendent One an answer to a "meaningless question."