Venture Towns

PS4《Venture Towns》中文奖杯列表

白0 金2 银3 铜1 总6 点数285 1人玩过 

Venture Towns

白0 金2 银3 铜1 总6

#1 The town where Kairobot lives.

Proof that Kairobot has moved in the town.
18.00% 珍贵

#2 Well, it became a wonderful town.

Proof of long-term efforts in the development of the town.
65.10% 一般

#3 That is a status of prime location, Huhuhu.

Proof of winning first place in the land price ranking.
36.10% 珍贵

#4 This town is the best, let's come and test.

Proof that the Venture rank is the maximum.
30.50% 珍贵

#5 There are so many occupations in the world.

Proof of discovering many occupations.
33.40% 珍贵

#6 I wish you success in your new venture.

Proof that new residents have moved in.
96.70% 一般