More Dark

PS4《More Dark》中文奖杯列表

白1 金11 银0 铜0 总12 点数1170 31人玩过 神作  96.77%完美

More Dark

白1 金11 银0 铜0 总12

#1 Platinum Demon

Get all other trophies.
97.20% 一般

#2 Starting

Complete the 1st level.
99.30% 一般

#3 Evolving

Complete the 10th level.
98.60% 一般

#4 Building You Way

Complete the 20th level.
97.50% 一般

#5 Bonus Level

Reach the 1st bonus level.
97.90% 一般

#6 First Area

Complete the Dungeon area.
97.20% 一般

#7 Boots

Jump on the head of an enemy.
98.90% 一般

#8 Grenadier

Pick up the bomb upgrade.
97.90% 一般

#9 Sandwich Time

Crush an enemy with a box.
97.50% 一般

#10 Chop

Throw a box at an enemy.
98.90% 一般

#11 Slime

Pick up the high jump upgrade.
97.20% 一般

#12 First blood

Die for the 1st time.
98.90% 一般