Sakura Succubus


白1 金11 银1 铜0 总13 点数1200 215人玩过 极易  87.91%完美

Sakura Succubus

白1 金11 银1 铜0 总13

#1 Lovely Succubus

Find everything there is to find about your Succubus friends.
84.60% 一般

#2 Shining Idol

Ayu is giving a concert!
98.50% 一般

#3 Beautiful Businesswoman

You have met a beautiful businesswoman at the bar.
94.20% 一般

#4 A Mysterious Catgirl

You have met a catgirl on the train.
91.10% 一般

#5 Discerning the Truth

You have met the truth about Marina.
88.90% 一般

#6 Be my Sweetheart

Will you be Cosmos' sweetheart now?!
86.90% 一般

#7 All that Glitters

You crossed paths with Ayu again.
86.10% 一般

#8 Hey, Mr. Cameraman

Is this a nice angle?
85.50% 一般

#9 Object of Desire

You are the one and only object of desire.
85.40% 一般

#10 Ouch!

Has Ayu really learned a lesson?
85.30% 一般

#11 300.000 Likes

Did Cosmos just trick Ayu?!
84.90% 一般

#12 Hot Springs

You go to the hot springs.
84.80% 一般

#13 Who are You?

Reach the end of the story.
84.60% 一般