Kansei: The Second Turn HD

PS5《Kansei: The Second Turn HD》中文奖杯列表

白1 金11 银1 铜0 总13 点数1200 20人玩过 神作  95%完美

Kansei: The Second Turn HD

白1 金11 银1 铜0 总13

#1 Platinum Kansei

Get all other trophies.
76.80% 一般

#2 Caught the Killer

Solve the mystery and catch the culprit.
77.90% 一般

#3 Unlocked

Open the puzzle box and find its contents.
79.00% 一般

#4 Face First

Witness an unusual use of Aki's kansei.
79.00% 一般

#5 Good Guess

Figure out the killer, but there's no proof.
77.90% 一般

#6 There Will be Blood

Figure out the killer, but they die.
80.10% 一般

#7 Locked

Some of the suspects escape.
79.00% 一般

#8 Secret Knowledge

Figure out what's on the SD card.
79.00% 一般

#9 Who's to Say?

Get to the end without figuring out the killer.
79.70% 一般

#10 Lost Culprit

Fail to stop the killer before they kill again.
78.40% 一般

#11 Flip the Switch

Go to the basement to restart the power.
84.80% 一般

#12 Relive Death

Manage to read the body's final moments.
81.00% 一般

#13 Sticking Together

Choose to explore together.
85.70% 一般