白1 金11 银1 铜0 总13 点数1200 10人玩过 神作  100%完美


白1 金11 银1 铜0 总13

#1 Platinum Kinduo

Get all other trophies
55.10% 一般

#2 Heavy metal

Use the metal crate to activate a button
67.20% 一般

#3 Heavy Gravity

Acquire the aerial stomp skill
71.90% 一般

#4 More Speed!

Acquire the aerial dash skill
79.20% 一般

#5 Ingenious!

Use electricity to move a platform
91.10% 一般

#6 Breaking everything

Some people don't respect the dead
80.40% 一般

#7 Burning the native forest

Do the leaves burn?
90.50% 一般

#8 Melted Snow

Can you blow up a snowman?
71.60% 一般

#9 Fragile Floor

Destroy ice block
71.60% 一般

#10 Coming home

Find your way back home
63.20% 一般

#11 3 is too much

Activate 3 buttons in the same stage
79.20% 一般

#12 I'm hiding maybe not

Collect the secret egg
56.90% 一般

#13 We are the champion

Win the impossible challenge!
61.10% 一般