The Princess Guide


白1 金5 银15 铜5 总26 点数1155 4人玩过 

The Princess Guide

白1 金5 银15 铜5 总26

#1 Instructor of the Four Princess Knights!!

Unlock all Trophies.
2.50% 极为珍贵

#2 Liliartie - Radiant Blossom!

Max out all of Liliartie's Attributes.
3.80% 极为珍贵

#3 Veronica - Full Throttle!

Max out all of Veronica's Attributes.
3.60% 极为珍贵

#4 Monomaria - Master of Technique!

Max out all of Monomaria's Attributes.
3.70% 极为珍贵

#5 Alpana - Complete Enlightenment!

Max out all of Alpana's Attributes.
3.70% 极为珍贵

#6 Liliartie Neutral Ending

Unlock Liliartie's neutral ending.
5.00% 极为珍贵

#7 Liliartie Good Ending

Unlock Liliartie's good ending.
5.80% 非常珍贵

#8 Liliartie Best Ending

Unlock Liliartie's best ending.
4.50% 极为珍贵

#9 Veronica Neutral Ending

Unlock Veronica's neutral ending.
4.80% 极为珍贵

#10 Veronica Good Ending

Unlock Veronica's good ending.
6.30% 非常珍贵

#11 Veronica Best Ending

Unlock Veronica's best ending.
4.70% 极为珍贵

#12 Monomaria Neutral Ending

Unlock Monomaria's neutral ending.
4.30% 极为珍贵

#13 Monomaria Good Ending

Unlock Monomaria's good ending.
4.30% 极为珍贵

#14 Monomaria Best Ending

Unlock Monomaria's best ending.
4.50% 极为珍贵

#15 Alpana Neutral Ending

Unlock Alpana's neutral ending.
4.70% 极为珍贵

#16 Alpana Good Ending

Unlock Alpana's good ending.
5.30% 非常珍贵

#17 Alpana Best Ending

Unlock Alpana's best ending.
4.50% 极为珍贵

#18 A New Dawn!

Unlock all princesses' endings.
3.90% 极为珍贵

#19 Dragon Slayer

Defeat the Wawel Dragon.
25.50% 珍贵

#20 Giant Conqueror

Defeat Tyrant Yaga.
14.50% 非常珍贵

#21 System Malfunction

Defeat Yamlita Amoga.
5.60% 非常珍贵

#22 Calamity Averted

Defeat Omen Chrysalis.
10.20% 非常珍贵

#23 Road to the Future

Defeat Nightmare Monarch.
3.90% 极为珍贵

#24 Knower of Things

Unlock all Knowledge Materia for all princesses.
2.50% 极为珍贵

#25 Armor Master

Upgrade a piece of gear to maximum level.
4.70% 极为珍贵

#26 Apex Hero

Purchase all Instructor Skill upgrades.
2.90% 极为珍贵