Red Bow

PSV《Red Bow》中文奖杯列表

白1 金5 银8 铜24 总38 点数1230 139人玩过 极易  60.43%完美

Red Bow

白1 金5 银8 铜24 总38

#1 Platinum Bow

Get all other trophies.
87.80% 一般

#2 Keys unlock the world

Or at least the front door.
96.10% 一般

#3 Making new friends?

My name is Kubi!
95.30% 一般

#4 Floating above the floor

My name is Akira!
94.20% 一般

#5 Rock a bye baby.

In the cold cot.
91.60% 一般

#6 *Sigh* Another sink eh?

C'mon Stranga!
93.60% 一般

#7 Hush little baby.

Mama's gonna find you a way back home.
90.50% 一般

#8 A hanging shadow.

The silhouette of a broken woman.
89.50% 一般

#9 It gleams in the gray.

A red glow.
89.60% 一般

#10 Self sacrifice.

The greatest of all deeds?
92.10% 一般

#11 Forgiveness

It can't be heard by those who can't hear it.
90.80% 一般

#12 A second chance?

Lives are precious.
89.40% 一般

#13 The grocery store.

Just pop down to the shops!
93.20% 一般

#14 Pretty vogue.

A smile goes a long way.
92.80% 一般

#15 A cat!

You could try calling it?
92.50% 一般

#16 Happy 4th of July!

Fireworks in a pan!
92.00% 一般

#17 Smile for the camera!

This woman looks familiar...
92.50% 一般

#18 Am I pretty?

Well... am I?
91.90% 一般

#19 A random caller?

Keep calling! I love that ringing sound!
92.80% 一般

#20 Always look twice!

You'll never know what you might find!
90.60% 一般

#21 Into the sewers we go!

Hope there's no gators down there!
91.80% 一般

#22 Deep fried Roh!

90.70% 一般

#23 Two birds one stone.

Better go check on them!
90.80% 一般

#24 Burn the bride.

Happiness dies in flames.
89.00% 一般

#25 An undying love.

Sparked by our memories.
90.30% 一般

#26 Thank you Mr. Kitty!

And sorry about the loud noise!
92.00% 一般

#27 I'm on a boat?!

The sea, a place where dreams drown.
90.70% 一般

#28 The truth hurts.

In more ways than one.
90.00% 一般

#29 An unfixable mistake.

But too learn from it.
89.00% 一般

#30 A bottle for a map?

A map to nowhere.
89.40% 一般

#31 What shall we do with the drunken sailor!

Early in the mourning.
90.60% 一般

#32 I am Umbi.

I am more than meets the eye.
90.60% 一般

#33 A bottomless fate.

The last glimpse of light.
88.50% 一般

#34 Takes a lot to sink a friendship!

Even after a few a few storms.
89.70% 一般

#35 The end of the line?

What is this place?
90.40% 一般

#36 Awaken.

Good Ending.
88.50% 一般

#37 Well... I tried.

There is a better ending.
90.00% 一般

#38 Giving up?

But we all depend on you, Roh!
88.60% 一般