Super Destronaut: Land Wars

PSV《Super Destronaut: Land Wars》中文奖杯列表

白1 金11 银0 铜0 总12 点数1170 220人玩过 极易  74.55%完美

Super Destronaut: Land Wars

白1 金11 银0 铜0 总12

#1 Platinum Alien 1 Tips

Get all the trophies
96.70% 一般

#2 Starting an invasion

Complete at least one challenge with a ranking.
98.30% 一般

#3 Killing poor creatures

Complete at least three challenges with a ranking.
97.60% 一般

#4 Destroying villages

Complete at least six challenges with a ranking.
97.10% 一般

#5 Eradicating cities

Complete at least nine challenges with a ranking.
96.90% 一般

#6 Conquering unknown planets

Complete at least twelve challenges with a ranking.
96.80% 一般

#7 Planter Conqueror

Complete at least fifteen challenges with a ranking.
96.80% 一般

#8 Starting easy

Reach to 300.000 points in Classic Mode.
96.80% 一般

#9 The Hard Way

Reach to 30.000 points in Hardcore Mode.
96.80% 一般

#10 Combo Breaker

Reach to 100.000 points in Combo Breaker.
96.70% 一般

#11 Increasing difficulty

Reach to 125.000 points in Maximum Strength.
96.70% 一般

#12 Slow as Snail

Reach to 30.000 points in Snail Mode.
96.70% 一般