CASE: Animatronics


白1 金11 银1 铜0 总13 点数1320 5人玩过 麻烦  20%完美

CASE: Animatronics

白1 金11 银1 铜0 总13

#1 CASE: Animatronics Platinum

Good job! Completed all tasks!
50.00% 珍贵

#2 Meet a Wolf

Meet the wolf
82.30% 一般

#3 Meet a Kitten

Meet the cat
58.80% 一般

#4 Blue Card

Pick up the blue card
67.60% 一般

#5 Don't blink

Meet the owl
58.80% 一般

#6 Oh really?

At the finish line
58.80% 一般

#7 Awakening

Rise and shine Mr. Bishop
91.10% 一般

#8 Elementary, dear Bishop

Collect all the notes
50.00% 珍贵

#9 Red card

Pick up the red card
58.80% 一般

#10 Lock picker

Earlier I also used to be an adventurer, then...
58.80% 一般

#11 Beginner seeker

Find the first note
82.30% 一般

#12 Secret hunter

Find 7 notes
58.80% 一般

#13 Picklock

Pick up the picklock
64.70% 一般