Planet RIX-13

PSV《Planet RIX-13》中文奖杯列表

白1 金8 银8 铜1 总18 点数1155 149人玩过 极易  73.15%完美

Planet RIX-13

白1 金8 银8 铜1 总18

#1 Planet RIX-13 Platinum

Good job! Completed all tasks!
95.70% 一般

#2 Cause of Death: Radiation

Die from effects of radiation
97.40% 一般

#3 Cause of Death: Explosion

Die in the explosion
96.10% 一般

#4 Cause of Death: Suffocation

Die from effects of toxic fumes
96.30% 一般

#5 Cause of Death: Drowning

Drown in the water
96.00% 一般

#6 Cause of Death: Killed by a Monster

Die after a monster attack
96.00% 一般

#7 Explorer

Find all the locations
96.10% 一般

#8 You Managed to Survive!

Pass the game
96.00% 一般

#9 Wonders of Technology

Make an object using 3D printer
96.60% 一般

#10 Archaeologist

Find a Crystal
96.40% 一般

#11 Alchemist

Try to prepare a potion using five components
95.90% 一般

#12 Two is Better Than One

Restore the operation of both servers
96.20% 一般

#13 It Was Worth a Try

Try to fly away from the planet, not solving the problem with the source of the anomalies
96.20% 一般

#14 There is a Signal!

Restore the operation of repeaters
96.20% 一般

#15 Cause of Death: Acid

Die due to acid exposure
96.00% 一般

#16 Cause of Death: Poison

That was a bad idea!
96.50% 一般

#17 Let It Burn!

Destroy the source of anomalies
96.00% 一般

#18 Peaceful Outcome

Eliminate the source of anomalies without destroying it
95.80% 一般