Maze: Pedestal of Trials

PS4《Maze: Pedestal of Trials》中文奖杯列表

白1 金8 银6 铜10 总25 点数1230 7人玩过 极易  85.71%完美

Maze: Pedestal of Trials

白1 金8 银6 铜10 总25

#1 Pedestal of Trials Solved

Collect all trophies in Maze: Pedestal of Trials.
51.20% 一般

#2 The Journey Begins

Enter the Hubworld.
98.30% 一般

#3 Welcome To The Four Seasons

Complete Maze 1.
76.90% 一般

#4 Light The Night

Complete Maze 2.
69.90% 一般

#5 Grinding My Gears

Complete Maze 3.
63.60% 一般

#6 A Walk In The Park

Complete 4 different Mazes.
61.50% 一般

#7 Puzzle Enthusiast

Complete 5 different Mazes.
57.70% 一般

#8 Maze Maze Maze

Complete 6 different Mazes.
56.50% 一般

#9 Maze Extraordinaire

Complete 7 different Mazes.
56.00% 一般

#10 Maze Conqueror

Complete 8 different Mazes.
54.80% 一般

#11 I Don't Need You

Complete any Maze without placing a checkpoint.
72.80% 一般

#12 Independent

Complete any 2 Mazes without using a checkpoint.
64.00% 一般

#13 Skip The Tutorial

Complete any 3 Mazes without using a checkpoint.
58.20% 一般

#14 Show Off

Complete any 4 Mazes without using a checkpoint.
55.30% 一般

#15 Just Stubborn

Complete any 5 Mazes without using a checkpoint.
54.50% 一般

#16 But Wait, There Is More!

Unlock the secret Final Maze.
54.80% 一般

#17 Hidden Gem

Complete Maze 11.
53.80% 一般

#18 Masterful Maze Miracle

Complete the Final Maze (Maze 11) without using placing checkpoint.
52.70% 一般

#19 Hey! You're Not Supposed To Be Up Here!

Jump off the elevator in Maze 1 to land on the top of walls in the spring section.
76.00% 一般

#20 All The Colors Of The Rainbow

Light up every section in Maze 2.
68.80% 一般

#21 Intuitive Puzzle Solver

Complete Maze 3 with less than 20 wall button presses.
58.30% 一般

#22 Take It All In

Stand on the corner by the Finish overlooking the entirety of Maze 6.
51.80% 一般

#23 Woah.......

Trigger the Final Maze to move into position by walking towards it.
53.90% 一般

#24 Gotcha!!

Collect a coin.
92.80% 一般

#25 This Will Be Helpful

Place a checkpoint.
99.10% 一般