Almost My Floor


白1 金9 银6 铜4 总20 点数1230 1人玩过 

Almost My Floor

白1 金9 银6 铜4 总20

#1 Almost My Floor Platinum

Good job! Completed all tasks!
41.30% 珍贵

#2 It's a long story...

Start your journey
94.20% 一般

#3 First blood

I can die in this game?!
81.60% 一般

#4 Killer story

Find the truth
51.70% 一般

#5 Nika

Where did Nika go?
77.00% 一般

#6 Genius

Solve the electric puzzle without help
79.30% 一般

#7 See ya next time!

Complete the game
51.70% 一般

#8 Smart

Solve amulet puzzle without help
58.60% 一般

#9 Wise

Solve book puzzle without help
54.00% 一般

#10 No body - no crime

Find a dead body
54.00% 一般

#11 Finish him

Shoot the real monster
54.00% 一般

#12 Red button

That sign can't stop me because I can't read
55.10% 一般

#13 Good boy

Miss you so much
52.80% 一般

#14 Well done

Roast the meat monster
54.00% 一般

#15 May the force be with you

Let the monster use his power
50.50% 一般

#16 Finally

Get out of the endless tunnel
54.00% 一般

#17 Cleaner assistant

Wash your door from the dirt
54.00% 一般

#18 What was it?

Survive mop's attack
64.30% 一般

#19 Hello there!

Meet the neighbor
54.00% 一般

#20 Here comes a new challenger!

Play as a detective
57.40% 一般