MY LITTLE PONY: A Maretime Bay Adventure

PS5《MY LITTLE PONY: A Maretime Bay Adventure》中文奖杯列表

白1 金10 银3 铜0 总14 点数1170 2人玩过 

MY LITTLE PONY: A Maretime Bay Adventure

白1 金10 银3 铜0 总14

#1 Alicorn Status

Get every trophy
35.60% 珍贵

#2 An Adorable Thief

Reclaim your backpack
87.30% 一般

#3 Unicycling 101

Fix the bridge using Izzy's Unicycling powers
85.10% 一般

#4 Mane Street Awaits!

Help Hitch in Brighthouse
83.20% 一般

#5 Pipp Pipp Parade!

Help Pipp in Main Street
72.50% 一般

#6 Amateur Detective

Get 500 Magic Bits
78.10% 一般

#7 Glowing Up

Use the Magic Mirror for the first time
71.50% 一般

#8 W.I.N.G.S. Cadet

Complete the secret obstacle course in Town Park
40.10% 珍贵

#9 Sheriff's Apprentice

Get 1000 Magic Bits
63.00% 一般

#10 Pro Herder

Help Hitch in Town Park
64.90% 一般

#11 The Neigh-gotiator

Fulfil Marcel's requests and unlock Beach Cove
63.50% 一般

#12 Where Did The Magic Go?

Race Zipp on Beach Cove
57.10% 一般

#13 Friendship Is Still Magic

Catch and talk some sense into Sprout
56.60% 一般

#14 Starscout

Get 1500 Magic Bits
48.70% 珍贵