Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova

PS5《Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova》中文奖杯列表

白1 金2 银15 铜24 总42 点数1170 1人玩过 

Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova

白1 金2 银15 铜24 总42

#1 Prodigy

Unlock all Trophies in Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova

#2 Restoring the Protostar

Complete Orisi Level 1: Destiny Mountain

#3 The Clock is Ticking

Complete Orisi Level 2: Caves of the Forgotten.

#4 Back online

Complete Orisi Level 3: Heart of Sand and repair the Protostar's systems.

#5 Rok and Roll

Defeat the Giant Watcher and complete Orisi Level 4: An'Wu Station.

#6 First Contact?

Recover the An'Wu access card and complete Mirios Level 1: Valley of the Ancients.

#7 Naroan History

Meet Yarm'orn and Complete Mirios Level 2: The Deep.

#8 Playing with Time

Escape the time anomaly and complete Mirios Level 3: Winds of Fire.

#9 Escape from Mirios

Defeat Madax and finish Mirios Level 4: Zor'ka Station.

#10 Coming in from the Cold

Survive the blizzard and complete Taresse Level 1: Mines of Nar’eh.

#11 Searching for Al'Shams

Meet Lorn'ess and complete Taresse Level 2: The Frozen Lagoons

#12 Stopping the Supernova

Prevent the supernova and complete Taresse Level 3: Al'Shams Station.

#13 Saved the System

Defeat System Slayer and complete your journey.

#14 Relic Hunter

Collect 50% of all Relics.

#15 Trekkie

Collect all of the Relics.

#16 Budding Botanist

Collect 50% of all Plants

#17 Green Thumb

Collect all Plants

#18 Punny Lover

Collect 50% of all Punnies.

#19 Proto Menagerie

Collect all of the Punnies.

#20 Quest for Loot

Open 50% of all Chests.

#21 All of the Plunder

Open all Chests.

#22 Priceless Collection

Find all Collectibles across all planets.

#23 Up your Arsenal

Acquire a new weapon.

#24 One Man Army

Acquire all weapons.

#25 Getting Better

Upgrade a weapon.

#26 Maxed out

Upgrade all weapons.

#27 One for the Crew

Complete a Crew Member Mission.

#28 Crew Love

Complete all Crew Member Missions.

#29 Guess who's back

Rescue Jankom Pog.

#30 Not Too Long

Rescue Rok-Tahk.

#31 Welcome back

Rescue Zero.

#32 The Crew is Back!

Rescue Murf.

#33 A True Merit Badge

Earn all badges on Orisi.

#34 Wilderness Badge

Earn all badges on Mirios.

#35 Exobiology Badge

Earn all badges on Taresse.

#36 Badge of a Captain

Earn all badges for all levels, on all planets.

#37 Three Watchers, Two Phasers

Hit 3 enemies at the same time with Dal's Dual Phasers.

#38 I've Got You

Revive your teammate when they fall.

#39 Open Sesame

Enter one Secret Zone.

#40 Seeking Discovery

Enter all Secret Zones across the planets.

#41 A Helping Hand

Get some help from a crew member ability in combat.

#42 Teamwork makes the dream work

Get help from each crew member ability in combat at least once.