The Tennis T

PS5《The Tennis T》中文奖杯列表

白1 金9 银5 铜6 总21 点数1230 38人玩过 神作  97.37%完美

The Tennis T

白1 金9 银5 铜6 总21

#1 The Tennis T

You have the true player! – Unlock all trophies
98.50% 一般

#2 If a doubles team audibly communicates loudly during a point, they forfeit the point.

Dribble the ball 9500 times
98.50% 一般

#3 If an additional ball enters the court while a point is in progress, the point must be replayed.

Dribble the ball 9000 times
98.50% 一般

#4 Rallies on the hard court are longer than the grass but generally shorter than on clay.

Dribble the ball 8500 times
98.50% 一般

#5 The net is 3 feet and 6 inches high at the post and 3 feet high at the center.

Dribble the ball 8000 times
98.50% 一般

#6 The net which is placed at the center of the court, parallel with the baselines, divides the court into two equal parts.

Dribble the ball 7500 times
98.50% 一般

#7 The service lines are 21 feet from the net on each side.

Dribble the ball 7000 times
98.50% 一般

#8 The court is a firm rectangular surface with a low net stretched across the center.

Dribble the ball 6500 times
98.50% 一般

#9 Tennis court is the venue where a tennis match is played.

Dribble the ball 6000 times
98.50% 一般

#10 An estimated 54,250 tennis balls are used during official match.

Dribble the ball 5500 times
98.50% 一般

#11 The grass is cut to a height of exactly 8 mm during the event.

Dribble the ball 5000 times
98.50% 一般

#12 The overall permissible length of a tennis racket is 29 inches.

Dribble the ball 4500 times
98.50% 一般

#13 Every year, 24 tons of strawberries are consumed during Wimbledon.

Dribble the ball 4000 times
98.50% 一般

#14 The fastest serve in men’s tennis came from the racket of Australian player at 263.44 km/h.

Dribble the ball 3500 times
98.50% 一般

#15 Tennis is also an Olympic sport.

Dribble the ball 3000 times
98.50% 一般

#16 A official final once finished in 34 minutes!

Dribble the ball 2500 times
98.50% 一般

#17 The world's oldest tennis court is still in use today.

Dribble the ball 2000 times
98.50% 一般

#18 During a match, a player on average runs 3 miles.

Dribble the ball 1500 times
98.80% 一般

#19 The origin of the tennis term “love” is unknown.

Dribble the ball 1000 times
98.80% 一般

#20 Before yellow tennis balls, they were white.

Dribble the ball 500 times
99.00% 一般

#21 Catch the ball

Dribble the ball for the first time!
99.50% 一般