Sakura MMO

PS5《Sakura MMO》中文奖杯列表

白1 金11 银0 铜4 总16 点数1230 52人玩过 神作  90.38%完美

Sakura MMO

白1 金11 银0 铜4 总16

#1 Intrepid Adventurer

Find everything there is to find about your Viola's adventures in her online game Asaph Online.
87.70% 一般

#2 Strange New World

Is this... A dream?
97.50% 一般

#3 Fiery Temper

Or a loyal act
95.20% 一般

#4 Damsel in Distress

Someone has to help, right?
94.90% 一般

#5 Playing dirty

Quid pro quo
94.20% 一般

#6 No Remorse

So much to learn
92.10% 一般

#7 Insatiable Appetite

So good, you even forget about
89.80% 一般

#8 Table Manners

You better listen to the maid
90.90% 一般

#9 The Truth Comes Out

A thief's background
90.80% 一般

#10 To Catch a Thief

Tough Life of a Knight... or Thief
92.50% 一般

#11 Déjà vu

How Ironic
92.40% 一般

#12 A Warm Reunion

After such a long time
92.40% 一般

#13 All Mine

My precious maid
91.00% 一般

#14 Tearful Confession

And yet happy
90.80% 一般

#15 Bath Time Blues

Warming your heart
89.90% 一般

#16 Heart to Heart

Sharing the same fate
88.10% 一般