Sakura Succubus 6

PS5《Sakura Succubus 6》中文奖杯列表

白1 金11 银1 铜2 总15 点数1230 32人玩过 神作  90.63%完美

Sakura Succubus 6

白1 金11 银1 铜2 总15

#1 Succubus Princess

Find everything there is to find about your Succubus friends.
88.50% 一般

#2 More than a Dream

Meet up with Ayu and Cosmos
97.70% 一般

#3 Rise and Shine

Personal made alarm
96.00% 一般

#4 Cutting Loose

Stephania is warming up to you
94.00% 一般

#5 Stephania is my Waifu

Call Steffy your waifu
90.10% 一般

#6 Like a fairytale

Kiss Astoria's princess
93.10% 一般

#7 Aim for the Ace

Watch Hazel workout
92.60% 一般

#8 Perfect Victory

Hazel won the Competition
92.30% 一般

#9 Waterlogged

Watch Hazel being clumsy
92.00% 一般

#10 TLC

Hifumi's looking after Hazel
92.00% 一般

#11 A motherly Hug

Hifumi pulls Stephania into a hug
91.60% 一般

#12 To the Victor the Spoils

Kiss HIfumi
91.60% 一般

#13 For Milady's Sake

Hear the maid's threat
89.60% 一般

#14 Yue makes a Scene

The Person you've called...
91.60% 一般

#15 Reunited again

Get suprised at work
89.40% 一般