Alpha Warrior

PS5《Alpha Warrior》中文奖杯列表

白1 金11 银0 铜0 总12 点数1170 3人玩过 

Alpha Warrior

白1 金11 银0 铜0 总12

#1 Alpha Warrior master

Collect all trophies in game.
74.60% 一般

#2 Destroy an enemy ship

Destroy an enemy ship while flying.
98.00% 一般

#3 Destroy an obstacle

Destroy an obstacle while flying.
97.50% 一般

#4 Destroy a power station

Destroy an enemy power station while flying.
93.10% 一般

#5 Fly 30 seconds

Fly for 30 seconds.
97.00% 一般

#6 Fly with thrust

Fly with thrust power up.
80.00% 一般

#7 Defend by shield

Defend enemy ship attack and obstacles by shield.
94.60% 一般

#8 Destroy by laser

Destroy an enemy ship or obstacle by laser.
92.60% 一般

#9 Destroy by bomb

Destroy an enemy ship or obstacle by bomb.
82.40% 一般

#10 Collect combo power up

Collect combo of 2 or more power ups.
95.10% 一般

#11 Fly 1 minute

Fly for 1 minute.
94.60% 一般

#12 Complete a level

Complete a level in game.
90.20% 一般