Midnight Submersion - Nightmare Horror Story Adventure

PS4《Midnight Submersion - Nightmare Horror Story Adventure》中文奖杯列表

白1 金8 银7 铜6 总22 点数1200 4人玩过 

Midnight Submersion - Nightmare Horror Story Adventure

白1 金8 银7 铜6 总22

#1 Platinum

You have completed all trophies
12.00% 非常珍贵

#2 Luminescent Savior

Unearthed the abandoned flashlight from the cold, desolate floor, illuminating the shadows that hungered for your fear.
95.40% 一般

#3 Threshold Breaker

Summoned the courage to turn the rusty doorknob, venturing into the eerie unknown that awaited beyond.
90.50% 一般

#4 Remnant of Vitality

Unveiled the secrets of survival and discovered a means to restore your waning life force, defying the clutches of impending demise.
47.40% 珍贵

#5 Whispers of Desolation

Pierced the veil of silence that shrouded the haunted town, unraveling its dark history through meticulous exploration.
61.80% 一般

#6 Intricate Keymaster

Unlocked the enigmatic box with trembling hands, retrieving the elusive keycard that held the power to unlock forbidden realms.
46.00% 珍贵

#7 Electric Enigma Solver

Unearthed the hidden key near the foreboding power station, a crucial element for escaping the labyrinthine nightmare.
31.70% 珍贵

#8 Phantom Fugitive

Dared to challenge the oppressiveness of the prison's iron embrace, slipping through the ethereal bars of confinement into uncertain freedom.
32.40% 珍贵

#9 Mechanical Enigma Seeker

Delved into the bowels of a forsaken factory, deciphering its enigmatic machinery and uncovering its grim secrets.
23.70% 珍贵

#10 Gateway to Despair

Braved the chilling depths of the main hangar, prying open its imposing doors to confront the unspeakable terrors lurking within.
19.90% 珍贵

#11 Electric Symphony Conductor

Navigated through the labyrinth of oil tanks and electrical panels, skillfully unlocking the path to Alex's hidden hangar.
23.20% 珍贵

#12 Tryst with Madness

Ventured into the haunting confines of Alex's hangar, where the twisted remnants of a shattered psyche lie in wait.
20.40% 珍贵

#13 Mechanical Menace Observer

Surveyed the contents of Alex's hangar with trepidation, unearthing grim revelations that painted a chilling portrait of despair.
20.20% 珍贵

#14 Echoes of Forsaken Entrance

Unearthed the long-forgotten hangar adjacent to the factory's entrance, bypassing the checkpoint barrier to face the horrors that await.
17.60% 珍贵

#15 Cryptic Codebreaker

Unveiled the elusive keycard code, a cryptic sequence that grants access to a realm of nightmares and eldritch horrors.
15.80% 珍贵

#16 Beacon of Solitude

Embarked on an arduous journey to reach the towering structure that pierces the heavens, a beacon of hope in a sea of darkness.
17.20% 珍贵

#17 Keycard Vault Master

Cracked open the secure keycard box, unlocking the mysteries that lie beyond and forging a path to forbidden knowledge.
16.80% 珍贵

#18 Subterranean Labyrinth Explorer

Explored the treacherous and winding bunker tunnels, where echoes of past horrors and unspeakable truths resided.
17.60% 珍贵

#19 Guardian of Forgotten Secrets

Unearthed the concealed key that held the power to unlock the impenetrable door, revealing a path to further enigmas.
17.50% 珍贵

#20 Relentless Trailblazer

Pressing forward despite the encroaching darkness and malevolence, you forged ahead on your perilous odyssey.
17.30% 珍贵

#21 Chambers of Concealed Wisdom

Scoured the dimly lit rooms, diligently searching for remnants of forgotten lore, uncovering hidden truths that may alter your fate.
17.00% 珍贵

#22 Vanquisher of Subterranean Dread

Unlocked the final gateway to salvation, utilizing the keycard to escape the oppressive clutches of the subterranean bunker, leaving behind the echoes of torment and embarking on a path towards liberation.
13.60% 非常珍贵