Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

PS5《Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR》中文奖杯列表

白0 金2 银2 铜5 总9 点数315 3人玩过 

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

白0 金2 银2 铜5 总9

#1 Novice

Score a point for the first time.
83.40% 一般

#2 Competitor

Win a Championship match.
69.60% 一般

#3 Creator

Customize your avatar with 5 pieces of equipment.
4.10% 极为珍贵

#4 Complete player

Finish an exchange with at least one smash and one spin.
17.70% 珍贵

#5 Rookie

Finish Rusty Challenge.
44.10% 珍贵

#6 Semi-pro

Finish Plastic Attack
12.70% 非常珍贵

#7 Pro

Finish Gold Clash
1.30% 极为珍贵

#8 All-Star

Finish Carbon Fury.
0.50% 极为珍贵

#9 Master

Finish the Championship with a maximum score.
0.20% 极为珍贵