白1 金11 银0 铜0 总12 点数1170 3人玩过 


白1 金11 银0 铜0 总12

#1 True end?

Or is it just a beginning?
85.70% 一般

#2 What is this place?

How do I get out?
100.00% 一般

#3 Weird place

I cannot feel myself in here
95.60% 一般

#4 I'm losing my mind

But I cannot give up
93.40% 一般

#5 Halfway there

I'm getting used to this weird space
92.30% 一般

#6 I can feel it

Escape is getting closer
90.10% 一般

#7 One more to go?

How many rooms are still ahead?
87.90% 一般

#8 End?

Is there really a way out?
87.90% 一般

#9 It's not a door

I must be seeing things
90.10% 一般

#10 It definitely was a door

Now I now for sure!
86.80% 一般

#11 Another fake door

Should I find them all?
85.70% 一般

#12 Strange power

I've felt something...
85.70% 一般