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《Peasant Knight》中文奖杯列表
Peasant Knight

PS4《Peasant Knight》中文奖杯列表 欧版  英文 

白1 金9 银7 铜0 总17 点数1320 285人玩过 极易  89.12%完美


完成度 17/17

Peasant Knight

白1 金9 银7 铜0 总17

#1 Platinum Peasant 1 Tips

Get all the trophies.
81.40% 一般

#2 This will be easy

Complete 10 levels.
95.90% 一般

#3 This is getting harder

Complete 20 levels
93.20% 一般

#4 This is hell

Complete 30 levels
84.30% 一般

#5 Now it's green?

Use a green portal
92.00% 一般

#6 And Red too?!?

Use a red portal
91.80% 一般

#7 Oh, look a yellow one...

Use a yellow portal
90.80% 一般

#8 Why so many colors?

Use an orange portal
90.80% 一般

#9 That was close

Activate a flame pit
99.40% 一般

#10 Sliced

Die in a saw
94.60% 一般

#11 Burned out

Die in a flame pit
99.40% 一般

#12 Lightning time!

Die for a thunder
99.10% 一般

#13 There is no floor!

Die by falling off a level
97.90% 一般

#14 Bunch of Bones

Defeat the skeleton
84.40% 一般

#15 Ugly Orc

Kill an orc
84.40% 一般

#16 Ice Town

Reach an ice level.
82.20% 一般

#17 Mortar

Reach Level 47.
81.50% 一般