Phantom Trigger Trophies

PS4《Phantom Trigger Trophies 》中文奖杯列表

白1 金8 银8 铜0 总17 点数1140 0人玩过 

Phantom Trigger Trophies

白1 金8 银8 铜0 总17

#1 This is the best adventurate yet.

Unlock all trophies.

#2 I Skipped Everything

Congratulations, you skipped the story

#3 I'm All Alone

Did you read the text at the very end of the game?


Do you know what insanity is?

#5 Greatest Show in the World

Turn off the last TV set

#6 New Adventurate

Take a trip with Pam

#7 Insanity from the beginning

The tree falls!

#8 Weapon Master

Unlock all combos

#9 I Hate Crystals

Smash all crystals

#10 Mental Genocide

Kill everyone

#11 Brainiac

Solve all puzzles

#12 Helping Hand

Kill 20 enemies in co-op mode

#13 It's All Your Fault

Die in co-op mode

#14 Brothers in Arms

Beat all bosses in co-op mode

#15 It's Cold in Hell

Kill 50 frozen enemies

#16 Not Right Now, Stan

Chop down the tree

#17 Invincible.

Arena completed.